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Conversationally Speaking

BITAC® Luxury Keynote Underscores Importance Of Enhanced Communication

Wednesday, March 04, 2020
Dennis Nessler
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The power of conversation and the potential to forge deeper relationships was the focal point of a keynote address from speaker and author AmyK Hutchens kicking off BITAC® Luxury earlier this week at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in The Bahamas.

In a presentation entitled “The Power Of Profitable Conversations,” Hutchens emphasized to the nearly 200 attendees that “life is happening one conversation at a time.”

She began by touting the potential of BITAC® Luxury while engaging the audience in some brain-building exercises designed to provoke thought. “You are about to engage in a fundamentally game changing conference and I do not want you to sleep-walk through it,” she noted.

Hutchens acknowledged that “communication is hard” but emphasized the opportunity that lies ahead. “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of your conversations. The life that you desire, what you actually crave the most, is on the other side of a tough conversation. When you actually navigate successfully a tough conversation and turn it into a highly profitable one you get what you want. You actually create the life that you dream about,” she noted.

Hutchens specifically cited four profitable questions that company leaders need to ask that she insisted are “going to change your ability to grow your business” in 2020, the first of which is “how might we define a healthy company culture?”

She further provided some good measuring sticks to help determine the culture within a company while applying them to the event. “How easy is it to ask for help? How safe is it to ask for help? How safe is it to express an opinion and not get attacked but embraced? That’s trust. When you’re meeting with people in the next 48 hours think about who you can be and how you can play to make it easier for that person to ask for your help?” said Hutchens.

Meanwhile, another critical question that needs to be asked, according to Hutchens, is “how might we define a great team?”

She went on to stress the importance of being “more loyal to the team that you play on than the team that you lead. It doesn’t mean you don’t fight for resources or fight for your own staff or your own people. It means at the end of the day there’s one mission and one message and you don’t undermine each other,” noted Hutchens.

The third key point from Hutchens was “how might we best capitalize on shifts and trends?”

While she acknowledged the importance of keeping up with the competition she cautioned that following what they might be doing is not necessarily the best approach encouraging attendees to think outside of the box.

“Get outside your industry, go talk to people that are not selling what you’re selling and ask them what shifts and trends are happening inside their industry. Then borrow the DNA that’s shifting in their industry and bring it back to your own gym,” said Hutchens.

Finally, Hutchens asked, “who might I need to become to lead into my goals?” further suggesting that leaders need to maintain a broader focus.

“If you look at your bottom line, if you look at your number and that’s all you stare at it, you won’t meet it. If you start asking and answering, who do I need to become to meet and exceed my goals, you will not only meet them you will exceed them,” she stated.

Hutchens offered one final takeaway for success. “We give it our best shot and we stay disciplined, but more importantly it’s believing in ourselves. We’re here to have a positive impact, we’re here to make a difference and we’re here to serve. We can only do it with our words and our actions and we can only do it one conversation at a time,” she stated.

Meanwhile, the keynote was well received by hotel executives at the event, according to
Brett Magnan, managing director, Cherry Tree Hospitality Management.

“I thought AmyK was great. She’s got a very positive attitude when you look at trying to create a message that is not always an ‘a-ha' but it ties all the 'a-has' together and it really gives you a good perspective. Everyone’s talking about it; it’s a completely different perspective. This gives you a sense of how your brain works and how your style creates behaviors in your workplace,” he said.

Jennifer Lindner, senior designer, Jacki Arena Interiors, Inc., also found it beneficial. “I thought it was an interesting framework and it was interesting to see how we could apply it to our own firm. So I think it was really useful hearing that,” she said.
Dennis Nessler    Dennis Nessler
Hotel Interactive®, Inc.
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